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TOK TONE, B Minor scale

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TOK TONE: B Minor scale.  (B) B C D E F# G A

The TOKTONE drum is something NEW and UNIQUE to the musical instrument world.  The design is similar to a handpan - but it is not a handpan.  The TOKTONE drum has been said to sound a bit like an Indonesian gamalan instrument, or said to sound a bit like an antique steel drum.  But it maintains its own unique sound.  The notes are tuned with fundamental pitches only (single tones without harmonics).  This gives the instrument a very percussive and more powerful melodic sound than that of a handpan.  The notes are laid out in a circular fashion with the lowest note in the center and they are tuned to a single scale rather than to a chromatic scale. 

  • For drum circle enthusiasts, the TOKTONE drum can be easily incorporated as a melody instrument or as a motif oriented instrument.  Playing along with Djembes, Digeridoos, Udus, and found instruments such as bottles and cans can be really fun and exciting!  
  • For kids and students, the TOKTONE drum can be used as a first step to eventually playing a handpan.  The student can learn all of the same hand motions, finger motions, scale ideas, melody ideas, and more.  It is also less expensive than a handpan.
  • For a handpan player or a handpan enthusiast, the TOKTONE drum will be easy to approach and learn.  The sequence of notes is very similar to the design of handpan scales.  It can be a nice addition to a handpan players arsenal of instruments.
  • For percussionists, the TOKTONE drum can be approached in a similar way as a set of Bongos.  The notes are played with the fingers with a slapping motion.

TokTone drums are only 18" in diameter, they weigh only 7 pounds, and are a perfect instrument to take on a hike, to a drum circle, or to a bonfire beach party.

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