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SOLARIS Handpan, Sol17-013, Earth scale

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The SOLARIS Handpan is manufactured and tuned entirely by Bryant Evangelista.  Earth scale: (D) A Bb C D E F A.  The Solaris is made with regular carbon steel, colored with a dark patina, finished with a special rust resistant clear coat paint, and tuned to standard A-440 pitch. Bryant has an eye for detail.  The shaping of the notes and shell of the drum is fantastic.  The Ding design is striking!

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Handpan is a term for a group of hand made sheet metal musical instruments resulting from a growing worldwide interest in the Hang, an instrument invented and built by the company PANArt Hangbau AG.  A handpan is an instrument that is similar to a steel drum, but it is played in a sitting position and the notes are struck with your hands rather than with mallets.

Dave's Island Instruments owner, David Beery, fabricates and tunes his own line of handpans.  Several models have been produced in the last four years.  The first model that was produced by Dave and sold via Dave's Island Instruments was named Genesis.  The Genesis handpan was made from 55 gallon barrels (similar to how steel drums are made) and had a variety of finishes including powder coating, nickel plating, and brass plating.  The next model Dave created was the Symphonette.  The Symphonette was much smaller than the Genesis model.  It was made from 35 gallon barrel lids and had finishes similar to the Genesis model.  In 2014 Dave began using mechanically deep drawn steel shells and developed the 20" GAIA model handpan.  The GAIA model handpan was tailored to look and sound like the original PANArt Hang and utilizes nitrided (heat treated) steel to enhance its sound.  The GAIA is now the premiere line of handpans that is sold though Dii.  Recently, a new model has been developed.  The Luna model.  It is made from the same materials as our GAIA handpan, but the Luna steel is not nitrided. It is a plain steel handpan instrument that has been highly praised by our customers.  Customers have said they enjoy the warm tone that the Luna creates. Dave is also a co-creator of an instrument called the Ohm (patent pending).  The Ohm is a hybrid instrument that incorporates vibrating tongues along with traditionally tuned handpan notes.  The combination of the two produces a magically new and novel sound.  

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