The "New-Gu" Booster plastic molded insert fits into the Gu hole on the bottom of our new curved bottom handpan shells. It boosts the bass Helmholtz frequency of the handpan. 

The original Gu Booster will fall out of our new curved bottom shells.  If you're not sure which bottom shell you have, you may want to call or email us before you purchase this item.

The New-Gu Booster is cut to a specific length to achieve a specific pitch.  Pitches available are: C3, D3, and Eb3.  You can indicate your preference in the Comments window at checkout. 

The Gu booster also protects the bottom of your instrument from scratches and damage.

Our older model handpans, such as Genesis and Symphonette, may have included a soft foam insert.  The Gu booster can replace the foam. 

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GU Booster, tapered

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