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Dii now provides links to FREE online lessons and tutorials.
If you’re looking for more personalized instruction, we also offer private lessons and group classes on location at Dii.

Ukulele Lessons

How to hold my uke

How to tune my uke

How to strum my uke

Five super easy one finger chords

First three common chords

How to play a bar chord

Hawaiian turn around chords

How to pluck the strings

How to play a C major scale

How to play a D major scale

How to play an F major scale

Handpan Lessons

How to hold my handpan

How to touch/slap handpan notes

How to play a scale

How to “sing the Ding”

How to play harmonics

How to play two notes with one hand

How to play the Gu and bottom shell

How to play with other handpans

How to play TokTones

Steel Drum Lessons

How to set up my drum

How to hold my mallets

How to play the notes

How to play my first scale

How to play two note chords

How to play an arpeggio

"Dii Approved" YouTube Channels for Learning Ukulele


Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes:


How to strum with Cynthia Lin:


I’m Yours by Jason Mraz

Friends of Dii

Hammer Ons with Craig Chee:

Intro to jazz ukulele with Sarah Maisel:

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